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 FAQ for Dealers

Below are some of the most common questions that dealers have in regards to our Dealer Program.

How long does it take for listings to move?

Over 80% of our listings move within 60 days. Most listings move a lot quicker, and each listing on the average generates 4-5 inquiries.

Why is Lease the best way to advertise my vehicles for lease?

When you publish your vehicles with Lease Experts, your vehicle inventory will receive maximum exposure and allow you to reach more clients cost effectively.

  1. Our website receives over 25,000 unique visits every week.
  2. Thousands of lease buyers looking to lease new and used vehicles use our site every day.
  3. You will receive a full page listing containing details for each vehicle you advertise.
  4. Our automatic matching service will notify buyers looking for your vehicles once you list. Serious buyers can get in touch with you immediately.
  5. Your listings will appear along with your dealership logo, giving your dealership an added visibility.
  6. You can post up to 2 actual photos for each vehicle. If you don't have a photo, we will post a sample photo.
  7. You will receive email support at We guarantee to respond to your inquiries by the next business day.
Click here for full details on our two advertising packages.

Why should I use Lease to help my customers transfer their lease?

We will help your customers transfer their lease by connecting them with the targeted audience of lease buyers. Each time a lease takeover is successful, not only do you look after your initial customer but you also gain a new one. The new customer becomes part of your lease portfolio. And the initial customer presents an opportunity to sell or lease another vehicle, resulting in future business for your dealership.

My dealership has a number of vehicles we'd like to lease out to customers. Can we post them on your site?

Absolutely! We have built our website to allow users to list all types of vehicle leases including new lease proposals and lease takeover vehicles. If you have vehicles you'd like to "sell" as a lease, you can list them as new lease proposals.

How do I list my vehicles with Lease Experts?

To list your vehicles, first you need to register and become a subscriber. If you are not registered, click here to fill out the registration form. Once completed, you will need to select your subscription package to become a member. Payment information is handled via secure payment processing service from PayPal. You will not need to open an account with PayPal to submit your payment information.

If you're already a subscriber, simply login to your Dealer Account and click on [Post Lease] link to start listing your vehicles.

How do I edit my vehicle listings?

You can edit your listings at any time by logging in to your Dealer Account with your user id and password you provided during registration. Once you enter your username and password from the home page, you will see [My Listings] link at the top. From there click on [My Listings] to make any changes.

How long is my subscription valid for?

If you became a subscriber, your subscription will be automatically renewed every month unless you cancel your subscription.

How soon will my vehicle listing appear on the website?

The cars listed on our website are updated in real-time. Your listing will be posted immediately after a payment has been made. If you attached a photo of your vehicle, we will professionally edit and upload your photo on the same business day so that it is displayed with your listing.

How will buyers be able to contact me?

Buyers will reach you directly by phone or email since your contact information will be clearly posted on the vehicle listing page. If you uploaded your dealership logo from your Dealer Profile page, it will appear on each of your listings. An effective logo provides a great visual cue to remind customers of your brand.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at anytime by logging in to your Dealer Account with your user id and password. Then select [Chance/Cancel Subsription] link to go to the Cancel Subscription page and follow the instructions on that page. Your subscription will be cancelled up until the day of the next scheduled payment.

How do I upload photos of my vehicles?

You can upload up to 2 photos for each vehicle from your Dealer Account. All photos will be professionally cropped and added to your listing within a few hours.

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